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Taking into account the wide disciplinary spectrum of IEEE (the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), AICA has defined two specific long-lasting agreemnets as a Sister Society of

Such agreements allow an AICA Member to:

  • access a 10% discount when joining both the IEEE and the IEEE Computer Society; at present, the annual membership dues are $ 158 + $ 56 (Computer Society), reduced to $ 192,60 total to AICA Members (see the IEEE website and the Computer Society website);
  • access a 10% discount when joining IEEE Communications Society; at present, la annual membership dues are $ 30 (IEEE ComSoc), reduced to $ 27 for AICA Members;
  • access a 20% discounted AICA Membership renewal fee, as an IEEE Member; indeed, the annual fee for ordinary AICA Membership is reduced to € 52,00.

In addition to membership discounts, the agreements allow a cooperation on the publications side.

At last, the cooperation between AICA and IEEE is also enforced through joint support to organizing events (as in International conferences and events).